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L'Association LÉA est une association antiraciste crée par Laurent de Béchade
L'Association LÉA est une association antiraciste crée par Laurent de Béchade
L'Association LÉA est une association antiraciste crée par Laurent de Béchade
racisme anti-Blancs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of OLRA ?

OLRA is the first non-ideological, non-political and non-religious organization in France which tackle anti-white racism. OLRA support the victims and help them to go through the legal process and take legal action. We offer psychological monitoring for cases necessiting more care. Through our work, we hope anti-white racism to be recognize as important as any other form of racism. We hope to raise awareness and to be a voice for all those who suffer from it.

What about anti-white racism today?

For the last 20 years this type of racism has been expanding, not only in France but also in Europe and more generally in Western countries. In the meantime some anti-racist groups supposed to fight against all sort of racism, do not take notice of it and others even encouraged it.

What are our demands?

We ask for unbiased and honest debate in the media. We want political figures to position themselves clearly. We will prosecute any person promoting anti-white racism.

Is OLRA a nationalist organization?

OLRA is not intended to channel nationalist claims. OLRA is an antiracist organization and our role is to prevent racism through conciliation and education. We aim to identify and expose abuses. Our daily work contribute to fight against all kind of racism, of extremism (far-right and far-left) and supremacism (white, black, asian...)

Does the organization belong to a political party?

OLRA is totally independant. We follow no pressure from political, religious or ideological party. The fight against anti-white racism has no boundaries.

I am not a white person, can I join?

Of course! There is a whole diversity in our active members, in terms of ideas, religious or skin color. What we are looking for is a moral code. We do not accept unfairness, whether it be against Black, Asian or White people. Everyone sharing our values is welcomed.

What pushes you to act?

We think denying problems does not help. It only worsen them, harm society and social relationship. Anti-white racism is real and the the lack of treatment in the medias fosters political inertia. Futhermore, not fighting against anti-white racism strengthen far-right and nationnalist mouvements.

Should migrants be blamed for anti-white racism?

We refuse to confuse migrants and anti-white racism. Anti-white racists are predominately people who are born and grew up in France.
They became racists because of a current anti-white ideology spreading in western societies. This anti-white ideology is fuelled by « whiteness studies ». In France extremist members of the PIR (Parti Indigène de la République) use "whiteness studies » to justify racist behavior aiming the white people.

Racisme anti-blanc OLRA Racisme antiBlancs antiBlanc
Racisme anti-blanc OLRA Racisme antiBlancs antiBlanc
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